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A synthesis of technical, methodological and scientific competence.

We develop data strategies, AI solutions and implement them both for and with you.

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Anton Bosse


As CEO, Anton is responsible for the execution of the Data Science consulting and business aspects - both for Nibiru Systems and for your project. His profound mathematical expertise flows into our consulting and data science projects to a significant extent. As our customer, you benefit optimally from the resulting well-founded problem solutions, which are abstracted by him tailored to your needs.

Marvin Arnold image

Marvin Arnold

CTO & Lead Data Scientist

As technical manager, Marvin is responsible for conducting data science consulting, its technical implementation and leading the development of new data-driven products. In addition to his wide variety of previous data science projects, Marvin was awarded for his outstanding performance in his master's degree. This has resulted in both in-depth methodological experience in solving data-driven complex problems and the necessary knowledge of the relevant technology stack.

Prof. Dr. Michael Schroeder image

Prof. Dr. Michael Schroeder

Advisor & AI-Expert

Michael brings over 25 years of AI expertise to the table. As a professor in bioinformatics at TU Dresden and managing director at CMCB, he is at the forefront of biomedical research. He has published over 200 articles. His research concentrates on AI for textual, genomic, and 3D structural data. Michael serves as an expert advisor to Nibiru and drives its vision for Machine Learning with his curiosity for the next breakthrough.

Dr. Dirk Weiss image

Dr. Dirk Weiss

Advisor & COO Consulting

Dirk loves to think strategically and solve complex problems. As a strategy consultant at Roland Berger for many years and as an entrepreneur, Dirk is responsible for the strategic perspective in the projects as well as for customer management at Nibiru Systems. In his daily work, he combines the classic tools of strategy development with modern methods and approaches of digital, data-driven transformation. His input, based on many years of experience, significantly increases the quality of the consulting.

Mick Pirgmann image

Mick Pirgmann

Advisor & Business Development

Managing Director of Parsec Invest and, in addition to many years of experience in private equity and successful participation in various start-ups, is constantly interested in the latest developments in the field of AI. He works in business development and is thus responsible for the direction of the company and economic aspects of Nibiru's product and service range.

The team at Nibiru Systems provides you with tailored advice for a successful journey into a data-driven future.

The interdisciplinarity of our team enables us to support you with an appropriate expert at every point in the problem-solving process. As an experienced partner in consulting and implementation, we support you in the way that suits you best: pragmatically, creatively, dynamically and innovatively. Thanks to our personal proximity to the university, our solutions are based on the state of the art of scientific research in the field of AI.

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Do you generate data in your company that you are not yet using optimally to improve your processes, market position and decision-making?

AI is the cornerstone of the evolution of digitalised life and industry towards data-driven, smarter decisions. The biggest problem - on the way to this more efficient, cost-effective and advanced future - is the lack of existing AI expertise. We want to solve this challenge!

We accompany you through the entire process, starting with the generation and understanding of your existing data, through the development of new business ideas and the planning of a data science strategy, to the final realisation of your plans.

Thereby, we understand ourselves as a long-term partner, which enables you to focus on your core business and still prepare it for the data-based future.

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You use machines in production, but not all data during the process? Do you want to make your production more efficient in a data-driven way?

PreMade is an innovative software solution to plan your predictive maintenance and monitor your machine health using advanced Deep Learning methods.

The detection of wear, the quality monitoring and the optimisation of products are necessary for a successful digitalisation of your production and thus an essential part of your success in Industry 4.0.

In addition to efficiency increases, cost reductions and more transparency in your production processes, this can also result in a competitive advantage through additional services for your customers, which in turn leads to increased sales.

ImplementingDeep Learning

Have you heard about the latest trends in image recognition, text generation and natural language understanding? Are you excited by the possibility of using such state-of-the-art methods?

With Deep Learning, we can analyse large amounts of data and enable artificial intelligence to prepare or make forecasts and decisions for you.

In your company, is there already an approach on how you could improve your processes or products through cutting-edge technologies?

With our expertise in Deep Learning, we are happy to help you use artificial intelligence in your daily work! We check the practicability in a feasibility study or prove your product idea as a proof of concept! We will be happy to put your idea into practice right away, based on the most up-to-date scientific research.

What we can do for you

Building blocks for your AI strategy

Current State Analysis

Current State Analysis

Stepping stone for your data-driven future

An accurate understanding of the current state of your journey into the data-driven future, especially with regard to existing data and your previous data science strategy, is essential for the further planning of your AI strategy.

In particular, we will systematically assess how ready your company is - in terms of personnel, technology and procedural implementation - and your existing and potentially obtainable data in relation to your vision. Thus, this analysis serves as both a cornerstone and a springboard into your data strategic future.

Data Inventory Analysis

Data Inventory Analysis

A complete overview of your current data

Essential to any consideration of data science is a structured understanding of the data available to understand what potential opportunities exist for its use.

  • Which data has already been recorded?
  • What data can be recorded or generated?
  • What data is still missing?
  • How is the data quality?
This systematic order forms a perfect starting point for future AI approaches and strategy definitions.
Data Science & AI Strategy Definition

Data Science & AI Strategy Definition

Always stay one step ahead

The existence of a clear data science strategy is essential to equip your company for the challenges of the data-driven world.

With us at your side, we develop concepts to save costs from your existing opportunities using data and to drive the monetisation of your most important asset - your data.

Together we develop a clearly structured approach tailored to you.

Data Monetization

Data Monetization

Discover the potential of your data

The existing data in your company can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to in-house opportunities such as cost savings, there is also the possibility to proceed externally, e.g. via new partnerships.

We help you develop new ways to use and monetise your data and evaluate the various options available to you. To do this, we analyse your value chain, your customers and new business models alongside your data.

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

We show the feasibility of your idea

Based on your data and the existing challenge, approaches can be formed to solve it with data science and AI. Before a complex implementation of the solution is undertaken, a prototype can prove the feasibility of the idea.

Based on the selected approach, a tailored basic version of the later solution is implemented. This is tested under real conditions and the development roadmap and the solution vision are continuously evaluated on the outcome of this test.

Already have an idea in mind?

We are happy to help you!

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Our Projects

Sales optimization

Consumer behaviour

The behaviour of a person in a supermarket was analysed by Nibiru for a Hamburg-based company. In addition to classical analysis, which results in a better structure, work is also being done on reconstructing and generating shopping routes.

consumer image

Machine monitoring

Live data monitoring

Wear and maintenance are major problems in many industries. Our automated wear detection ensures an efficient process and lower costs with longer maintenance cycles and plannable replacement, as faults are detected before experts recognize them.

consumer image

Organ recognition

Image analysis

To enable the position of organ tissue to be determined by image-guided surgical robots, a method has been developed that can recognise the visual outline of a specific organ during surgery.

consumer image

Biomarker prediction

Pattern regognition

In cancer, biomarkers improve diagnosis and predict disease outcome. Prof. Dr. Schroeder and his research team improved a current diagnostic biomarker from 70-80% success rate to 96% using AI.

consumer image

Recommender systems

Language understanding

AI is revolutionizing natural language processing. Prof. Dr. Schroeder and his research team developed an AI driven recommender system that can digest millions of articles and generate tailor-made recommendations to users.

consumer image

Trading strategies

Big data analysis

The high volume of data on the financial market is ideally suited for automated analysis. Marvin and Anton have enhanced their own trading strategy, which trades stocks profitably and market neutral, using AI and thereby improved it by 5%.

consumer image
Why AI

AI is the response to the data-heavy modern world in understanding complex processes and autonomously generating data-driven results.

Enhanced, automated and more accurate results are driving the future in every industry. Smarter decisions are based on data and their analyses.

AI has reached superhuman performance in many disciplines

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Text comprehension

Permanent analysis and evaluation of business reports

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Art generation

Paint like van Gogh in seconds

classification icon

Automatic surgery

Suture blood vessels as thin as hair

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Play better than world champion Magnus Carlsen

Commercial Use

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Product enhancement

Understand how your product affects your customers

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Customer analysis

Targeted advertising - Facebook knows us better than our partner does

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Operation optimization

Assign employees to the right projects at the right time

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Predictive maintenance

Know when your machine breaks down before the machine knows it

79% of AI users realised cost savings1

Limited AI skills are the biggest barrier to entry2

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